Animatron Research Project

This project is part of an ongoing project to develop an interaction framework for creating animatronics creatures, called therapeutic animatrons, which can cause desired emotional states on humans. The need of such therapeutic devices is acute because of the growing number of aging populations and increasing work and social stress. A real-time facial expression detection and gesture recognition system is developed to assess the current emotional state of a user. The assessed current emotional state is then used to derive an animatron which is, for example, a cute teddy bear that is controlled by a number of servo motors. The system then chooses one of the behaviours of the seven dwarfs in the Snow white movie to derive the emotional state of the user to the desired state. The best behaviour is selected using Support Vector machine classifier. There is massive potential for the incorporation of these sophisticated interaction framework within child education, psychiatry, as well as in relation to a number of other stress related disorders in medicine more generally.


  1. Arduino Mega control board information:

  2. Arduino Servo control library:

  3. OpenCV 2.1 C++ library:


  1. Animatron VisualStudio 2008 Solution

  2. Arduino IDE:

  3. OpenCV 2.1 SDK

  4. VisualStudio C++ 2008 and WinSDK

Project contacts:

Dr Insu Song (

Project Participants:

Dr Denise Dillon

Jee Tai Jeremy Heng

Andrean Desmonda

Hendy Brainta

Jessica Natalia

Sim Shi Hui